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September 2020

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Space Force America: Series One

Murt Gibson

The books of the "Space Force America" series are short fictional reads suitable for juveniles and adults alike. Based on solid science and engineering with a pinch of fantasy, they provide an entertaining glimpse into the future missions of the very real U.S. Space Force, America's newest combat corps. "Space Force America: Series One" is a compilation of the first four short stories in the series. Sustaining character Ron Sawyer is a former decorated USAF fighter pilot, a distinguished NASA astronaut, and now a space combat pilot in the Space Force America.

Book one, "A Mandate to Protect," finds Sawyer pitted against a worthy foreign adversary who is testing electromagnetic pulse weapons in deep space near Mars, in violation of international space law.

In book two, "Operation Pinball," Sawyer, with friend and colleague Mateo Sanchez, matches wit and might with a rogue terrorist organization tending an undeclared constellation of satellites carrying a deadly pathogen to be released on American soil.

Book three, "Not Soon Forgotten," revisits nemesis John Roberts of the Intergalactic Preservation League. Roberts wrangles a civilian ride-along with Sawyer and finds himself in the middle of real life-and-death orbital dogfight.

In book four, "Enemies Foreign and Domestic," Sanchez stumbles upon a group of hackers, at the iconic bar Luke's Place, looking for their next cyber-thrill. He recruits Sawyer for a cat-and-mouse sting operation to trap the threesome.


Murt Gibson (pen name) earned a master's degree and doctorate in electrical engineering at Arizona State University in 1968 and 1974, respectively.