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Sense and Sustainability
February 2021

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Sense and Sustainability

Life lessons from a green entrepreneur who thought he could change the world
Hitendra Chaturvedi

This book is raw, real, sensible and brings a fresh perspective on existential challenges our environment faces today. Hitendra Chaturvedi has not been pontificated in this book but brought to life some very powerful sustainability lessons and solutions hidden in his stories and experiences that he brilliantly weaves through these books while he walks us through his life journey as a green entrepreneur. His self-deprecating, non-pontificating style and easy read will resonate with people from all across the world who want a better life for their children but looking for someone to simplify sustainability for them.


Hitendra Chaturvedi is a professor of practice and teaches supply chain management at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and is often in the news as a subject matter expert in supply chain management, technology, sustainability and entrepreneurship.