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October 2018
Route 27 Publishing


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The Ramblings of a Small-Town What's-His-Name

C.K. Conners

Yet another responsibility has passed from the Author's plate onto mine: I am charged with writing the synopsis. As this is not a novel, a single story with its own central plot and set of characters, but rather a mélange of seven, each with its own of the aforementioned, the attention span of the modern man demands I sum-up thusly: One story is about a dancer, the next is about sitting in the rain; after that is a poem regarding an old man sitting in a chair; next there's a story about a lady, then one about falling in love, followed by one about a snowfall; and, finally, one about a disinterested boss and an ambitious job applicant. Yes, I believe that sums it up nicely. But who, you may be asking, if context clues have been correctly interpreted, am I? Certainly not the Author. No, my dear reader. I am afraid (though nonetheless thankful) I am not the Author. I suppose it's time you knew the truth. Short version: This is a collection of seven short stories by C. K. Conners.


ASU graduate (class of 2015, BS communications) C. K. Conners is an up-and-coming author and the founder/owner/CEO/everything of Route 27 Publishing. He goes by the pseudonym C. K. Conners because he doesn't have a cape, cowl and/or awesome batcave to help protect his true identity.

Praise for this book

"'The Ramblings of a Small-Town What’s-His-Name' is a unique take on story-telling and a one-of-a-kind description of the relationship between the author who molds a tale and the narrator who brings the story to life."

Bailey Pons
Author of Psybrid, Founder and Owner of 3/4 Press

"Conners is clever in his mix of topics, while also changing up the point of view when you move from one narrative to another. He keeps everything fresh."

Carolyn Healy
Author at Stories By C, Inc.