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Cover of Vol 1 of Race in American Film edited by Daniel Bernardi and Michael Green
July 2017
ABC-CLIO / Greenwood

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Race in American Film

Voices and Visions That Shaped a Nation
Edited by: 
Daniel Bernardi
Michael Green

This expansive three-volume set investigates racial representation in film, providing an authoritative cross-section of the most racially significant films, actors, directors, and movements in American cinematic history.

• Views the films via a historical approach in which every subject is considered both through a contemporary lens and in terms of the time of its production and initial reception.

• Provides up-to-date information on recent movies such as Selma (2014), The Fast and The Furious (2001–2015), 12 Years a Slave (2013), Django Unchained (2012), and Lone Survivor (2013).

• Provides readers with the information and background necessary to form informed views about racial representation in film―still an important "hot-button" subject today.

• Edited by top scholars in the field, Daniel Bernardi and Michael Green, and contains entries by other important experts, such as Andrew Gordon and Priscilla Ovalle.


Michael Green earned a BA (2003) and MA (2006) in humanities and an MFA in creative writing (2008) at Arizona State University.

Praise for this book

High school and college students, general readers, and film enthusiasts interested in the role of race in U.S. cinema will find this exceptional and well-organized work indispensable.

Library Journal (starred review)

This reference work couldn't have come at a better time. Its examination of race and racism on screen, from the film industry's early days to the present, provides historical and cultural context for our current national discussion ... These three volumes will be a welcome addition to collections that serve high school and college students as well as individual film buffs and independent scholars.