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Cover of People of the Dawn translated by Robert Bjork
November 2020
Jules William Press

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People of the Dawn

Book Two of the Viking Slave Trilogy
Jan Fridegard
Translated by: 
Robert E. Bjork

Steeped in myth and pagan ritual, the Viking Slave Trilogy is Sweden’s greatest and most accurate saga of the Viking Age. The three volumes in the series − "Land of Wooden Gods," "People of the Dawn" and "Sacrificial Smoke" – recount the sensual but often cruel demands of the gods Odin, Thor and Frey. An epic of warrior chieftains and their slaves, called "thralls," the trilogy tests belief in the Norse gods while digging deep into the combative world and sacrificial rituals of Old Scandinavia. This volume, "People of the Dawn," the second book in the trilogy, follows the struggles of the escaped slave Holme and his lover Ausi. The two hunted fugitives reach the trading town of Birka, thinking they will be safe, but… Jan Fridegard is one of Sweden’s foremost authors. The Viking Slave Trilogy is his most famous work. For more information visit www.juleswilliampress.com


Robert E. Bjork is a Foundation Professor of English at Arizona State University.