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Cover of "My Son Dave (The Duck)" featuring an illustration of a woman looking down at a duck
January 2016
Plynn Gutman

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My Son Dave (The Duck)

A Story About Loving and Letting Go
Plynn Gutman

In this true story, at a serendipitous moment in her life, a woman discovers a baby duck alone on a neighborhood street. Sensing her own sons growing away from her, the emptying hole in her heart fills when Dave, the duck, imprints her as his mother. Little did she know that this pet duck would take her on the humorous yet moving journey to learning what every would-be empty-nester faces — how to love and let go.

With sensitivity and wit, Plynn Gutman shares her incredible account of the challenges and joys of adopting Dave the duck and raising him with the same love and care she gave her own sons. Her observations of his five-month transformation from a little, brown bird to an amazing, male mallard offer a delightful metaphor for all parents who have watched their child grow and mature.

Plynn becomes a student of life and the language of “duck” under Dave’s gentle tutelage. Parents and children alike will enjoy this heart-warming story.


Plynn Gutman earned a Bachelor of Integrated Studies in creative writing and religious studies from ASU in 2005.