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April 2016

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Mindset MakeOver

How Small Changes Can Unlock Your Potential
Bob Wilson

Is your mindset helping you or holding you back? Your mindset operates behind-the-scenes, and that’s both good and bad. Your mindset makes you a more efficient decision-maker. But outdated portions of your mindset mean that what once was a valuable part of your mindset is now causing you to get in your own way. Your mindset may be stopping you from reaching your goals and your potential. Understanding your mindset is crucial to your success. "Mindset Makeover" examines 17 pairs of contrasting characteristics of mindset and shows you adjustments for each to help unlock your potential. Learning more about your mindset helps you become a better version of yourself.


Bob Wilson is an academic adviser for ASU who completed his ASU master's degree in learning design and technologies in 2020. Besides writing, Wilson loves to travel, read converse on things serious or silly, and find ways to make others laugh. He relocated from the midwest to Arizona in 2011 and lives in Tempe.