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Book cover for "Making the Shift to Online Learning"
August 2020

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Making the Shift to Online Learning

5 Keys to Success
Bob Wilson

Online learning is hard. But make a few changes in the right areas, and it’ll be much easier. Don’t make any changes, and you’ll struggle, no matter how good a student you were in the classroom. The Five Keys are the changes that lead to success. In "Making the Shift to Online Learning: 5 Keys to Success," you’ll learn:

• A simple technique to make you a better online learner.
• The issue that haunts online students the most and a simple way to overcome it.
• Why start dates are so important.
• Why much of what you believe about online learning is wrong, and how it’s holding you back.

This book is based on my experience as an academic adviser, academic coach and online student.


Bob Wilson is an academic adviser for ASU who completed his ASU master's degree in learning design and technologies in 2020. Besides writing, Wilson loves to travel, read, converse on things serious or silly and find ways to make others laugh. He relocated from the midwest to Arizona in 2011 and lives in Tempe.