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May 2018
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Listening to My Life

My Journey Through Fear to Trust
Ardine Martinelli

"Listening to My Life" invites us on a journey with a woman raised with all the strict gender role expectations of the '50s, who came of age in the hotbed of social revolution that was San Francisco in the '60s. Martinelli shares the profound impact of these conflicting cultures on her life and on her identity as a woman.

She juxtaposes the portrait of a woman who was passionate, self-confident and strong in her work life with that of one who was fearful, insecure and self-doubting in her personal relationships. She is brutally honest about her childhood experiences that formed her beliefs in herself and the coping behaviors she developed to survive.

Martinelli shares the spiritual journey she embarked upon in her mid-'50s and how it transformed her life as she learned to trust her inner wisdom. This is a journey of an independent woman who believed it was up to her to take care of herself becoming a woman who learned that there is something greater guiding her life. This is her journey through fear to trust.


Ardine Martinelli received her Master of Arts in education from ASU in 1971. She spent much of her career in education, serving as a teacher; counselor; sex-equity coordinator, introducing and implementing Title IX; principal; and educational consultant in organizational change. She is now a spiritual director and lives in Tacoma, Washington.

Praise for this book

"Listening to My Life" is a double-barreled book — as Ardine Martinelli recounts how she learned to listen to herself instead of just about everyone else in the world, the reader gets a chance to listen to her fascinating story. Martinelli built a powerfully successful career as a teacher, counsellor, principal, sex-equity coordinator and more, all roles that required her to listen to others, and she was excellent. But there was one person she didn't listen to: herself. And, it seems, neither did others."

Trilla Pando
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