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Book cover with a knight holding a sword surrounded by crows
December 2011
Wizards of the Coast

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The Last Garrison

A Dungeons and Dragons Novel
Matthew Beard
Matt Bell
Matthew Simmons

In the shadows between the living world and the land of the dead, the night’s terrors lurk …

For as long as anyone can remember, the mountain village of Haven has been under the protection of an ancient warlock known as the Old Stargazer. But after countless years spent deciphering the language of the cosmos, the old man is losing himself to the many voices of the night sky.

Now, a dark figure controls the forest with minions of kenku marauders — crowlike humanoids that menace Haven with violence and mayhem. If the Old Stargazer cannot or will not protect the villagers, they will have to find someone who can.

Nergei, an orphan raised by the warlock, knows they must venture beyond the safety of Haven to find the help they need. With little to offer mercenaries, and a ragged band at his side, he sets forth in search of heroes, never believing in what he might find.


Matt Bell is an associate professor of English in creative writing at ASU.