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Jetport TNT, a Luis Tanner novel
November 2020


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Jetport TNT

A Luis Tanner Novel
Craig Mertler

Luis Tanner is on a new case … one that might cost him his life unless he can unravel the intricate conspiracies that have resulted in a decade of atrocities. When the retired detective receives a call from a former colleague (with whom he had a torrid relationship) pleading for help, he is hesitant to offer his services. But Everglades City Police Chief Brenda Walker convinces him he is the only person who can break up a years-long illegal dog-fighting operation in the islands of Chokoloskee Bay. As Luis gains access to the organization, he begins to discover that crime and corruption run much deeper than just dogs. Is it possible the same organization is responsible for drug trafficking, money laundering and, worst of all, sex trafficking of minors from a foreign country into the U.S.? And how is it all connected to a mysterious, seemingly abandoned airport in the middle of the Everglades? As Luis infiltrates the organization to its core, he is appalled and sickened by what he witnesses. He knows it may end his life, but he vows he must put an end to the atrocious crimes associated with Jetport TNT.


Craig Mertler is an associate professor at ASU's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. After beginning his career as a high school teacher, his 23 years in higher education have included Bowling Green State, the University of West Georgia and Lynn University. He has authored 23 books, eight chapters and 20 articles, and has presented internationally.

Praise for this book

“His descriptions of the sights and sounds are so vivid and realistic that they made me want to visit Everglades City, the Jetport, the restaurants, and the Everglades. I’m always looking for a novel that intrigues me and teaches me something at the same time. The ability of a writer to do those things is a sign of a great storyteller!” 

Editorial review

“Mertler’s character development and plot twists enabled me to become invested in the well-being of the characters and the plot as they were unfolding within the novel. I loved how details in the settings painted a picture in my mind and I could picture myself within the story.”

Editorial review