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Cover of I Am Here by Ashley LeMieux
May 2021

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I Am Here

The Journey from Fear to Freedom
Ashley LeMieux

Following her bestselling memoir, "Born to Shine," founder of The Shine Project Ashley LeMieux shows how she found healing and transformation, even in difficult seasons. "I Am Here" continues this journey using “Clarity Mapping,” a tool that walks women through setting intentions, understanding why you are worthy of the life of your dreams, identifying the things you carry that no longer serve you, noticing the people you can serve, and finally, identifying the truest version of yourself.

"I Am Here" will help you: 

  • Reframe your thoughts.
  • Reimagine your life.
  • Reclaim your power.

If you've been looking for help to create a plan to start moving toward your dreams, this book has all the inspiration and useful tools to get you where you want to go.


Ashley LeMieux earned a Bachelor of Arts in English at Arizona State University in 2011.

Praise for this book

“In this spirited guide, LeMieux provides readers with tools to help with difficult times when one feels directionless and encourag[es] readers to cultivate inner strength by working through affirmations. Readers who appreciate the work and perspective of Brené Brown will enjoy these confidence-building practices.”

Publishers Weekly

“LeMieux discusses her own pain and recovery with the goal of helping others to move forward, create meaningful lives and get unstuck … combining practical self-talk and motivational principles in a mentor/mentee format.”

Library Journal