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September 2021
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Hope and Learning

Our Journey with Schizophrenia
Linda Snow-Griffin

The book describes the author's son's recovery from schizophrenia from her perspective as a mother and a psychologist. The story provides insights into the recovery process of an illness once thought not treatable or, at best, had a poor prognosis. Despite the many challenges her son faced during his 20-year recovery process, he has been the recipient of the latest medication and treatment and has met the standard for recovery according to the American Psychological Association (2014).

In addition to providing hope, the book also offers up-to-date research about the illness, treatment options, stigma, family impact and caregiver needs. The author's goal has been to reach out to families who are coping with mental illness in order to provide hope and support. At the same time, psychologists and others working in the mental health field may find her personal story paired with recent research to be useful. Learn more about her advocacy at lindasnow-griffinphd.com.


Linda Snow-Griffin, PhD (Class of 1978) is retired after 30 years of private psychology practice in Cincinnati, Ohio. She also directed the counseling center at Eckerd College (St. Petersburg, Florida) and was staff psychologist and EAP director at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. She remains active in professional organizations and as an advocate for mental health.

Praise for this book

“A real tour de force. The best and most comprehensive book I have read on schizophrenia and what it is like to be the mother of a child with schizophrenia. I have learned more about schizophrenia from this book than I have in over 50 years of being a psychologist.”

Lillie Weiss, PhD
Psychologist and author of seven books, including "Therapist Guide to Self Care"

"What a wonderful contribution to our field. (The book) offers the reader a unique perspective and understanding of schizophrenia. As a psychologist and parent, with a son diagnosed with schizophrenia, she shares how the various stereotypes of schizophrenia have impacted her family."

William C. Wester, II, EdD, ABPP (Co/Fam), ABPH (CI)
Psychologist, retired; past president, State of Ohio Board of Psychology; past president, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis