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February 2021
The University of Nevada Press


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This Here is Devil's Work

Curtis Bradley Vickers

In this unflinching, dramatic adventure, modern-day wildland firefighters and cattle rustlers struggle for survival in a changing western landscape. Braiding the stories of two firefighters (Morgan and Jeremy) and an abrasive laundromat custodian turned cattle-rustling grandmother (Jacklynn), "This Here Is Devil’s Work" is a fiery ride through the small towns of Nevada and Montana and the rugged expanse that connects them.

Set against the backdrop of wildfires raging across the West and the firefighters who continue to put their lives on the line, "This Here Is Devil’s Work" explores how love and loneliness can sour, and how they can eventually lead to desperate and self-destructive acts even for those people we consider heroic.


Curtis Bradley Vickers received his bachelor's in English literature from ASU in 2005. From the first wildfire he experienced as a child fishing on the Mogollon Rim to the first time the Bonneville Salt Flats cracked beneath his feet, he has always wanted to pin to the page the West that filled his imagination.

Praise for this book

“'This Here is Devil’s Work' is a vivid and evocative reminder that, here in the vastness of the American West, our personal stories and the stories of the land remain intertwined and inseparable.”

Michael P. Branch
Author of "Rants from the Hill" and "How to Cuss in Western"

“Tautly crafted and breathtakingly suspenseful, this debut novel will leave you forever changed.”

Christopher Coake
Author of "You Would Have Told Me Not To"