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Genre, Gender, Race, and World Cinema book cover
September 2006

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Genre, Gender, Race, and World Cinema

Edited by: 
Julie Codell

"Genre, Gender, Race, and World Cinema" is an innovative anthology that introduces the study of film theory using the four titular topics to encourage critical discussion. This is a major anthology geared toward course use and covers key concepts in film studies through analysis of important films from American, Asian, European and African cinema and combines formal, historical, cultural, and theoretical approaches to analyze how film represents and influences individual and societal constructs of identity. This anthology introduces intertextual relations between the readings and the films discussed, contains section introductions that map the themes and histories of each topic, and raises theoretical issues specific to each.


Julie Codell is an art history professor and affiliate in film and Asian studies at ASU. She wrote "The Victorian Artist" and edited "Transculturation in British Art;" "Power and Resistance;" "Political Economy of Art;" "Genre, Gender, Race, & World Cinema;" and "Imperial Co-Histories." She also co-edited several other works.

Praise for this book

"Julie Codell’s anthology ... is a collection that overlaps the territory of various recent publications … while forging links and mapping interconnections between its prime concerns. Altogether, this collection should encourage students to explore areas of cinema beyond the conventional English-language mainstream, enriching their viewing experience and offering insights and wider cultural contexts for the films they watch.”

The Times Higher Education Supplement

"This is a volume whose time has come: a new kind of film text to suit an era when globalization challenges the authority of local cultures, and diasporic mobility is the order of the day."

State University of New York at Stony Brook