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Cover of Floating Bones by Cynthia Roses-Thema
November 2020

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Floating Bones

A Dancer's Tensegretic Body as Teacher
Cynthia Roses-Thema

"Floating Bones" charts the author’s journey into tensegrity, which begins in ballet and culminates in a model for addressing one’s body as a teacher.

Tensegrity flips traditional biomechanical models such that instead of support coming from the bones, the bones float, and it is the muscles and other soft connective tissue that provide support for the moving body. Using the model of tensegretic experience, Roses-Thema connects somatics, cognition, rhetoric and reflective practices detailing the means that constructed approaching the body as a teacher. This study presents the argument for extending the models of thinking to include bodily thinking, by citing how the experiential perspective of tensegrity constructs physical evidence of the rhetorical concept, metis, where the body thinks as it moves.

This book will be of great interest to students, scholars, and practitioners of dance, theater and sociology.


Cynthia Roses-Thema earned a PhD in English at Arizona State University in 2007 and also earned a Master of Fine Arts in dance at ASU in 2003. She is currently a principal lecturer in the ASU Herberger Institute's School of Music, Dance and Theatre.