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Cover of Extending Applied Linguistics for Social Impact co-edited by Doris Warriner
July 2021

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Extending Applied Linguistics for Social Impact

Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations in Diverse Spaces of Public Inquiry
Edited by: 
Doris S. Warriner
Elizabeth R. Miller

Drawing on — but also extending — the theories and methods of applied linguistics, this book demonstrates how scholars of language might work together and with nonlanguage specialists to address pressing concerns and issues of our time. Chapters explore efforts to recognize the legitimacy of stigmatized language varieties in public and institutional domains, museum-based science education for linguistically diverse children, how corpus analysis might illuminate the tension between the language choices and commitments of certain leaders, the embodied and artistic forms of meaning-making that challenge norms of whiteness, and the transformative power of translanguaging in community-based theater.

In addition, the volume demonstrates ways to enhance equity in health care delivery for immigrant families, examines the experiences of cultural health navigators working with refugee-background families, and highlights the value of raising public awareness of language issues related to social justice. These accounts show that applied linguists stand ready to interface with other scholars, other institutions, and the public to make socially engaged and impactful contributions to the study of language, society, education and access. Collectively, the authors respond to an important gap in the field and take a significant step towards a more socially just, accessible and inclusive approach to applied linguistics.


Doris Warriner is professor in the Department of English at Arizona State University.

Praise for this book

“This highly engaging, beautifully crafted volume advances our understanding of what it means to authentically 'apply' 'applied linguistics'. Chapters highlight how (and why) applied linguistics scholars can (and should) do more to make our findings relevant, to more meaningfully partner with communities, and to more fully engage with the world around us.”

Kendall A. King
Professor of Second Language Education, University of Minnesota, USA

“A beautiful book. It shows us the courageous and tenacious work of linguists and language specialists reaching out to engage with others around public issues and advocacy. From addressing local health crises for immigrant communities, to reforming U.S. census categories, to enabling multilingualism in art and theater workshops and much more, why else do research, if not to touch lives?”

Nancy H. Hornberger
Professor Emerita, University of Pennsylvania, USA