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Cover of Emotion and Discourse in L2 Narrative Research
November 2015
Multilingual Matters

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Emotion and Discourse in L2 Narrative Research

Matthew T. Prior

This book examines the interactional management of emotionality in second-language autobiographical interview research. Advancing a discursive constructionist approach, it offers a timely methodological and reflexive perspective that brings into focus the dynamic and dilemmatic aspects of interviewee and interviewer identities and experiences, and it makes visible the often unexpected and unseen consequences for the research project and beyond. The author weaves together critical discussion and empirical analysis based on longitudinal, narrative-based research with adult immigrants from Southeast Asia living in the U.S. and Canada. This interdisciplinary book will be compelling reading for students, researchers and others interested in emotion, narrative, discourse, identity, interaction, interviews and qualitative research.


Matthew T. Prior is an associate professor in the Department of English at Arizona State University. 

Praise for this book

"Incisive, engaging and thoughtful, this book deeply interrogates the role that emotions play in doing narrative research, and serves as an authoritative guide to how emotionality might be examined in interview studies. Well-illustrated with examples, it issues a strong challenge to interviewers to reflect and enact reflexivity. A pleasure to read, this book is essential reading for qualitative researchers."

Kathryn Roulston
University of Georgia, Athens