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August 2014

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Learning to Heal and Grow
Bob Wilson

Instead of just surviving your divorce, use it as a springboard for a better life. View your divorce through the lens of learning, and your opportunities for personal growth will multiply. To help you better understand what you’re experiencing with divorce, you’ll learn the Four Stages of Divorce (Reeling, Dealing, Feeling, and Healing) and the Twelve Key Lessons. Then, by showing you an approach that is both mindful and reflective, you’ll be better equipped to take a more active role in navigating your divorce.

Remember, the choices you make during your divorce will speed up or slow your healing. This book helps you tell the difference. Divorce will mess with you if you let it. I let it mess with me – twice. But through those painful mistakes, I learned a ton. I’m not proud of being divorced twice, but I am proud of what I learned and am happy to share it with you. This book is a unique mix. It’s part self-help, part memoir, part poetry and part inspiration. But all these parts come together to give you what you need to heal and grow through your divorce


Bob Wilson is an academic adviser for ASU who completed his ASU master's degree in learning design and technologies in 2020. Besides writing, Wilson loves to travel, read converse on things serious or silly, and find ways to make others laugh. He relocated from the midwest to Arizona in 2011 and lives in Tempe.