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Dead Inside edited by Lynn Houston, Susan Allspaw Pomeroy and Jennifer Spiegel
July 2016
Foiled Crown Books

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Dead Inside

Poems and Essays About Zombies
Edited by: 
Lynn Houston
Susan Allspaw Pomeroy
Jennifer Spiegel

This literary collection brings together 26 poems and 6 essays inspired by the zombies and characters of AMC's hit television show "The Walking Dead."

Links to a sample college syllabus, discussion questions for book groups, and a music playlist inspired by the anthology are available in the publisher's website: https://foiledcrownbooks.com/titles/.

As new generations of writers, filmmakers, and artists continue to revisit the notion of the undead and continue to add to the richness of its legacy, we have to ask what fascinates us so much about this particular monster. The authors of the literary works in this collection provide robust responses to that question.

This collection speaks to the tension between a fascination with zombies and a repugnance with their fearful decrepitude. Somewhere within that tension is our continual desire to know, to understand, to commiserate with the post-apocalyptic inhabitants of films and television shows, like "The Walking Dead," where zombies are the norm. The literary works in this anthology are rich in messages about our frail humanity, messages that transcend overt metaphor. The result is a lens that focuses on our own self-inflicted hunger for something. For what? For what do we hunger? And will we be satiated before the bite comes from behind?


Jennifer Spiegel earned an MFA in creative writing from Arizona State University in 2003.

Susan Allspaw Pomeroy earned an MFA in creative writing at Arizona State University in 1999.