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Cover of The Dangerous Shirt
May 2009
Copper Canyon Press

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The Dangerous Shirt

Alberto Ríos

Alberto Ríos's new poems — magical wormholes through mundane reality — create an improbably true space where human bodies fall through floorboards, prickly feelings of limbs "fallen asleep" are stars buzzing under the skin, and ironed shirts hanging in a closet take on a foreboding sense of danger. Together they are a book of magical realism and cultural physics seeking the "also-moment" — the probable and imaginative directions a single moment might become. "Science may be our best way of understanding the world," Ríos writes in one poem, "but it may not be our best way of living in it."


Alberto Ríos is a Regents’ Professor of English and University Professor of Letters at Arizona State University, where he also holds the Katharine C. Turner Endowed Chair in English and directs the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing.