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January 2008
Bilingual Press

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The Cisco Kid

American Hero, Hispanic Roots
Gary D. Keller

"The Cisco Kid: American Hero, Hispanic Roots" builds upon Francis Nevins’s 1998 book, "The Films of the Cisco Kid." Retaining the original’s thorough, chronological study of the Cisco Kid in films and its in-depth analysis of the Cisco phenomenon, "The Cisco Kid" adds a Hispanic sensibility to the history of the character in United States film. Despite the Cisco Kid’s initial creation outside the Hispanic world by writer O. Henry and filmmakers such as Webster Cullison, by 1929’s first Cisco sound film, "In Old Arizona," this fictional character was endowed with a Latino persona that it has retained in Hispanic as well as mainstream American culture.


Gary D. Keller, Regents' Professor and director of the Hispanic Research Center at Arizona State University, and a prolific author whose work has been translated into several languages, has written widely on film, including numerous articles and three books.