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Cover of The Cenci edited by Cajsa Baldini
January 2008
Valancourt Books

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The Cenci

A Tragedy in Five Acts
Edited by: 
Cajsa Baldini

This authoritative edition of Percy Bysshe Shelley's "The Cenci" is based on the first edition of 1819, and incorporates Shelley's errata. This is the first edition ever to present the text as Shelley intended it, rather than based on the emendations of later editors, such as his wife, Mary Shelley, who revised the text after his death. This edition also includes a new introduction, extensive annotation, and appendices containing contextual and intertextual information and the text of contemporary reviews.


Cajsa Baldini earned a PhD in English at Arizona State University in 2005 and is a lecturer in the Department of English.