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February 2019


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CeeGee's Gift

Joy Hubbard Selak

CeeGee's Gift is the story of a young girl, born with the ability to predict the future, and the old man who teaches her what it truly means to be gifted."You have not been given a gift," he tells her, "you have a gift to give." Together they learn to take what she knows and help the people in their small coastal town to see the direction they are headed, so they might change their direction, and change the future. CeeGee's Gift is a book to be read and shared by young and old.


Joy Hubbard Selak earned four degrees at ASU, including her PhD. In addition to her writing, she worked as an investment adviser for 14 years, a nonprofit founder and leader, and is now a philanthropic adviser in Austin, Texas.

Praise for this book

"I loved this book. It is an amazing story and a great message to kids and adults alike."

J Bronder Book Reviews
Online blogger and book reviewer

I loved this sweet story about discovering your gifts and finding the courage to share them with the world. This story took me back to simpler times, when we all had more time to nurture friendships the way CeeGee and Mr. Tindale did, and to summer, and how everything seems possible. This is a lovely story for adults looking for a comforting fable, or for children learning to recognize and share their own gifts.

Amy Waeschle
Author, fiction series