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January 2016


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Luis Goytisolo
Gonzalo Sobejano
Edited by: 
Carlos Javier García

Author Luis Goytisolo (Barcelona, 1935) started to write the first notes of Antagonía in 1960 and concluded it in 1980. Published in four volumes between 1973 and 1981, the novel has been considered a contemporary classic. Recently it has been selected as mandatory reading in France for the Agrégation of Spanish, the most prestigious competitive examination for the public education system, leading to a position for secondary and higher education.


Carlos Javier García is a faculty member with the School of International Letters and Cultures. 

Praise for this book

“Reading Antagonía requires great intellectual commitment. But the rewards are immense: this is an endlessly stimulating gothic cathedral of a novel, a world to wander in – surprised, affected, diverted and perplexed– for weeks on end.”

Michael Kerrigan
The Times Literary Supplement)

“Cátedra publishes a monumental critical edition of a literary monument.”

Santos Domínguez
Revista Encuentros con las Letras