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Cover of The Age of the Image co-written by David Hawkes
September 2016
PCP Press

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The Age of the Image

LG Williams SoCal Mid-Rise Pictures 2015-16
LG Williams
David Hawkes
Alan Rubin

The estate of LG Williams is proud to present this publication for LG Williams’s recent body of work — the SoCal Mid-Rise Multi-Story series. In these pictures, Williams merges Thiebaud's now-canonical compositions of Sacramento Valley landscapes, San Francisco cityscapes, and assorted pastries. But this is where familiarity and transparency ends. As the viewer looks into the illuminated windows, the mysteries compound and multiply — forms transform into reflections, reflections into abstract thought. They are made expressly for our age — the age of the image. The text, entitled "Bullchild," tells of a Mexican undocumented immigrant who, inspired by an aging East German Communist art history professor, attempts to make his name on the L.A. gallery scene by pretending to be Persian, dressing up as a matador and inventing a movement called “Pedo-Taurinism.” Based on a true story.


David Hawkes is a professor of English at Arizona State University.