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Women's Connection – a resource for all

April 05, 2011

What types of counseling resources are available for staff? For students? What do I need to know if I bring a child to campus? Where can I go for help with my writing? Does ASU offer any legal services for faculty and staff? What types of diversity groups are at ASU?

Finding the answers to these questions could take a lot of time and research, but now, thanks to a new service by the Commission on the Status of Women, help on a variety of topics is just a click or two away.

The Women’s Connection, located at, is an online information center that identifies commonly asked questions, provides information and quickly directs someone to the appropriate resources.

“The Women’s Connection project started a few years as part of the CSW’s research into the feasibility establishing a new women’s center at ASU,” said Karen Engler, coordinator for the Commission.  “As part of the process, we closely researched what our peer institutions were doing in terms of women’s centers, and what the specific interest of the ASU community was in a center.

“Through our survey research, we learned that while people were interested in a physical center, they were actually more likely to go online first.  This inspired us to build an online center.  We researched what kinds of information people were interested in and what resources it would be important to highlight. ASU has amazing resources and organizations, but sometimes, it may be difficult for people to learn about them.”

The result is the Women’s Connection, which actually, Engler said, is a valuable resource for anyone at ASU. “There are a few things on the site that are specific to women, but it’s really a resource for everyone.  We have specific information for faculty, for staff, for students.”

Women’s Connection also features a calendar of upcoming events and announcements from ASU women’s groups, diversity organizations, and various administrative units, profiles of different groups and more.  Site visitors can also sign up for a monthly e-publication from Women’s Connection that features resources, events, tips for families etc.

The site is maintained by the Commission of the Status on Women and commission members help with research. And it is just the beginning.

“This is just a starting place,” Engler said, “We envision the site continuing to grow and evolve.”

For more information, send a note to or