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Wissler to advise Maryland ADR research project

November 10, 2010

Roselle Wissler, Research Director of the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law’s Lodestar Dispute Resolution Program, will consult on the design of a new research project at the University of Maryland School of Law at a meeting, Nov. 15.

The Maryland law school, in conjunction with the Maryland Judiciary, is beginning a three-year project that includes a comprehensive analysis of the costs, benefits and effectiveness of court-affiliated alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes that exist and are emerging in that state.

The meeting to which Wissler and other national experts have been invited is intended to collect feedback on the draft research design, gain insight from attendees and identify potential challenges for the project moving forward.

Wissler conducts empirical research on mediation, arbitration and other alternative ADR processes. Her research and writing address various policy issues relating to ADR and examine the factors that contribute to the use and effectiveness of ADR processes. Her other research interests include alternate compensation systems and decision making concerning liability and damages in civil cases.

Janie Magruder,
Office of Communications, College of Law