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William Corbin, an ASU Alumni, Returns as a Professor in the Psychology Department's Clinical Program

November 26, 2008

Dr. William R. Corbin, Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Training at Yale University, will join the ASU Department of Psychology (Clinical Psychology program) in August, 2009. Dr. Corbin received an undergraduate degree from ASU, a doctorate from the University of Georgia, and post-doctoral training at the University of Texas before he joined the Yale faculty in 2002.


The goals of his program of research are 1) to improve our understanding of factors that lead to the development of alcohol related problems; and 2) to develop effective programs for reducing alcohol-related harm. The first aim is met through a combination of a) longitudinal survey research on risk factors for heavy drinking, b) laboratory based research on the relation between subjective response to alcohol and risk for alcohol-related problems, and c) laboratory based research on the effects of alcohol on risk-taking. The second aim is met through prevention outcome studies targeting alcohol use and associated harms.

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