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What do you mean I over pronate?

Test results from my running analysis
January 28, 2012

Hi all,

My first weeks of training are underway!

 I’m trying to stick to a schedule where I run Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and go to yoga class on Sunday.  I’ve also enlisted the help of a friend of mine who runs to serve as my trainer. (It’s harder to slack off when you have someone else motivating you.)

She has me doing intervals where I alternate running then walking until I gain endurance and strength. This is great because I find I’m not getting worn out as quickly and can focus on my breathing to avoid muscle cramps.  We currently are running two miles in roughly 28 minutes. Pretty good for someone just starting, right?

The other day she pointed out that my cute pink and white sneakers would no longer be considered acceptable running shoes because they offered little to no support. All I heard from this statement was that it was an excuse to go shoe shopping, so I didn’t protest.

With that we headed down to a local running store that tests your balance and running to see the type of shoe that best serves your needs. My results showed that I put a lot of pressure on my heels and that I over pronate. In other words, my feet roll in on toe-off and create excess pressure on my ankle. To counteract this I need a shoe that has a sturdy medial post. After doing some price comparisons I found a Nike shoe that fit my needs and my budget. I also purchased heel support inserts to help protect my joints. What a world of difference this has made in just two runs!

What type of training schedule do you use? Also, where are some of your favorite places to run?