Weinstein joins in Supreme Court amicus brief in free speech case

James Weinstein

James Weinstein, Amelia Lewis Professor of Constitutional Law at the College of Law, has along with Eugene Volokh, a prominent UCLA law professor and noted free speech expert, filed an amicus brief in United States v. Alvarez, arguing in favor of the constitutionality of the Stolen Valor Act, a law making it a crime to falsely claim that one has been awarded a United States military decoration or medal. The brief, of which Volokh is the principal author and to which Weinstein contributed, urges the Court to hold that, with certain limitations, one does not have a First Amendment right to make a knowingly false statement of fact.

Weinstein's areas of academic interest are Constitutional Law, especially Free Speech, as well as Jurisprudence and Legal History.

Click here for the brief.