Walking One Million Steps for a Cure

<p>MESA, Ariz. — The challenge: walk one million steps. Is it possible? Sure, if you are the Millionaires Team at Arizona State University. The team, made up of more than 30 Exercise and Wellness faculty, staff, students and their families and friends, will be one of the 20 teams at the <acronym title="Arizona State University">ASU</acronym> Relay For Life event held at the Polytechnic campus in Mesa on April 1.</p><separator></separator><p>The Millionaires are raising money by committing to walk one million steps to help find a cure. They will be equipped with pedometers and sturdy walking shoes to make their journey around the running track where the Relay for Life event will be staged.</p><separator></separator><p>&quot;My colleague Catrine Tudor-Locke, who is an expert on all things related to walking, estimates that 50 people walking 10 miles should equal about one million steps,&quot; says Troy Adams, assistant professor in the Exercise and Wellness Department and one of the team chairs. &quot;Ten miles will take the average person a little more than two hours to complete.&quot;</p><separator></separator><p>For Adams, this year's relay will have a bigger impact on him. &quot;This past year, four of my close friends have been diagnosed with cancer, one for the fourth time. I am committed even more to raising funds and finding a cure. I encourage the East Valley community to support this effort by pledging by the step. Every penny will help.&quot;</p><separator></separator><p>Team members have been raising funds through individual sponsors and local businesses for every step they walk. In previous years, individual Exercise and Wellness students performed heroically to raise funds for Relay For Life. Last year, Danielle Flood walked a marathon in the rain. The year before, Greg Trone ran and walked 40 miles staying on the track the entire night.</p><separator></separator><p>&quot;This year, we wanted to do something more collective,&quot; says Adams.</p><separator></separator><p>Along that mindset, <acronym title="Arizona State University">ASU</acronym>'s Tempe campus Relay For Life event is merging with the Polytechnic campus event to provide one <acronym title="Arizona State University">ASU</acronym> event in the East Valley. The Relay organized by students and staff is the first time the two campuses have hosted one large event.</p><separator></separator><p>&quot;We're thrilled to welcome teams and volunteers from the Tempe campus this year,&quot; says Clinton Everhart, event co-chair for this year's <acronym title="Arizona State University">ASU</acronym> Relay For Life. &quot;It only solidifies our mission as one university, both within <acronym title="Arizona State University">ASU</acronym> and through our community involvements. We're fortunate that the Polytechnic campus has the available facilities to host such an exciting event for the university.&quot;</p><separator></separator><p>This year, the Relay will host a classic car and motorcycle show on-site. If you have a car or motorcycle you would like to show off, contact Deborah Graham at <a href="mailto:Deborah.graham@asu.edu">Deborah.graham@asu.edu</a&gt; to reserve a space.</p><separator></separator><p>Cancer survivors are invited to the relay to enjoy a free dinner and recognition. To provide names for invitation or for more information, contact Jessica Deal at <a href="mailto:jessica.patterson@asu.edu">jessica.patterson@asu.edu</a>.</p><se… you are interested in financially supporting a team or for general information about the East/Tempe Relay, contact Clinton Everhart at (480) 727-1203 or <a href="mailto:clinton.everhardt@asu.edu">clinton.everhardt@asu.edu</a>.</p><se… title="Arizona State University">ASU</acronym> is joining many organizations in the Valley who are hosting Relay For Life events. The East/Tempe campus Relay is from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m., April 1-2. West campus hosts a Relay on March 11-12. For more information on the West Relay, contact <a href="mailto:shelley.center@cancer.org">shelley.center@cancer.org</a>.</p><se… For Life is the largest fund-raising effort conducted by the American Cancer Society. Polytechnic campus's goal for this year's relay is $35,000.</p>