Walk the petroglyph trail in the summer twilight

May 26, 2011

What’s to do on a summer evening in the Valley of the Sun?

Take a short walk and see some ancient petroglyphs. Arizona State University’s Deer Valley Rock Art Center will offer twilight tours from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., on six Saturdays this summer: June 11, June 25, July 9, July 23, Aug. 6 and Aug. 20. Download Full Image

DRVAC educators will lead the easy trail walks, discussing petroglyphs, archaeology, Native American cultures and desert plants and animals.

Admission is $6.50 for adults, $3.50 for seniors and $2.50 for children 12 and younger. Reservations are required. Deer Valley Rock Art Center is located at 3711 W. Deer Valley Road, Phoenix. To book a tour or for more information, call (623) 582-8007.

Deer Valley Rock Art Center has the largest concentration of Native American petroglyphs in the Phoenix Valley. Visitors hike a quarter-mile trail to view more than 1,500 petroglyphs made between 500 and 7,000 years ago. The museum aims to promote preservation, connection and respect for the site and us a destination for families to learn about archaeology in their own backyard. The center is managed by one of the top archaeology programs in the country – the School of Human Evolution and Social Change, in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University.

Summer hours are 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday. More information is available at http://dvrac.asu.edu.">http://dvrac.asu.edu/">http://dvrac.asu.edu.

ASU hosts Triumvirate: The North American Student Model Legislature

May 26, 2011

The North American Center for Transborder Studies (NACTS) at Arizona State University will co-host the 2011 “Triumvirate” at the Tempe campus.

The sixth edition of the Triumvirate, the only trinational inter-parliamentary student simulation in North America, will take place from May 29 through June 3. Organized by ASU and the North American Forum on Integration (NAFI) from Montreal, the event will bring together about 50 students from seven American, Canadian and Mexican universities. Download Full Image

“The Triumvirate, is a unique, one-of-a-kind event,” NACTS director Rick Van Schoik said.

University student participants from Mexico, the United States and Canada participate in a week-long simulation exercise simulating a congressional meeting between North American legislators. Student delegates are assigned one of the three roles: legislator (representing a country other than their own), journalist, or lobbyist. The legislators will debate themes of a political, economic and environmental nature, while lobbyists will attempt to influence the legislators’ decisions and the TrilatHerald journalist team will analyze the evolution of the debates.

For five days, participants will discuss hot political topics affecting North America: immigration and guest worker programs, green building practices, corporate social responsibility in the mining industry, and the promotion of North American trade corridors.

As a pioneer on the political scene, the Triumvirate seeks to bring together future North American leaders to increase their awareness of the issues that characterize North American relations while enabling them to develop a better knowledge of democratic institutions and the realities of the member countries of NAFTA.  

Triumvirate seeks to strengthen a sense of belonging to North America and discuss regional integration issues. “The event is a bull’s-eye target for NACTS’ work and commitment to social and economic development in the Americas,” Van Schoik said.

“The simulation enables participants to delve into the heart of the North American political dynamics and to negotiate draft bills that, we hope, will inspire our political leaders,” Christine Fréchette, executive director and founder of NAFI, said.

For more information contact: Sara Sonnenberg (480) 727-8539 sara.sonnenberg">mailto:sara.sonnenberg@asu.edu">sara.sonnenberg@asu.edu or Céline Roche, clroche">mailto:clroche@itesm.mx">clroche@itesm.mx.

Sharon Keeler