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A view from the top for United Way winner

United Way print ad
October 23, 2014

How does two box seat tickets to the Nov. 1 football game against Utah sound?

How about also getting to watch the game with the Sun Devils' athletic director, Ray Anderson?

A week from this Saturday, ASU staffer Kevin Salcido will find out, thanks to his participation in the ASU United Way campaign.

Salcido's pledge to donate at or greater than $1,000 – a contribution of roughly $20 per week – entered him into a drawing, that he ended up winning.

Salcido is just one member of the ASU community who is helping serve the needs of individuals and families across the Valley through the university's annual United Way campaign.

This year, ASU President Michael Crow is challenging faculty, staff, ASU retirees, emeriti and the ASU Foundation to achieve a combined goal of $700,000.

For the next chance at winning a United Way pledge prize, pledges must be received by Oct. 30. The prize for the drawing is a signed basketball from the ASU Women's Basketball team for donations at or greater than $100 ($1.93 per week). The winner will be drawn Oct. 31 and featured in the following week’s edition of ASU Insight.

There are two ways to donate:

Paper: Get the ASU United Way Pledge Form
Send to: ASU United Way, Attn: Katie Aguilar, Mail Code 1304

Online: ePledge
1. Use your ASURITE ID and password to sign in.
2. Once you log in, click "give" to complete your online donation.
ePledge donations must be made by Oct. 31.

Robert E. Page, Jr. also was a winner this week, and received a signed football.

All who give to United Way will be offered tickets to a non-conference men's or women’s basketball game.

Kevin Salcido

Q: What do you do at ASU?
A: I have served as the vice president of human resources for over seven years.

Q: Why do you donate to United Way?
A: I donate because it is a convenient way to consolidate charitable giving. You can direct your dollars to causes and organizations that are important to you through the United Way and through payroll deduction.

Q: What do you hope for United Way to accomplish?
A: There are a lot of unmet needs out there – especially for kids. Kids don’t get to pick their parents or their circumstances. Too many need a safety net just to survive, let alone thrive. The United Way is there for them in a lot of different ways.

Q: What is something everyone should know about the United Way campaign?
A: The United Way is very efficient and is known for keeping their overhead low – that means that more dollars reach the people who really need them.

Q: Do you have any special plans for your box seat tickets?
A: I already have season tickets with a friend, so I plan to give those tickets to my daughter and enjoy the view from the box.

Q: What are you looking forward to at the game?
A: I am looking forward to seeing the Sun Devils continue their march toward the PAC 12 South championship!

Contact campaign coordinator Katie Aguilar at or 2014 ASU United Way loaned executive Adam Brown at with any questions or ideas you may have.