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Video: Justice Albie Sachs on the law and humor

February 26, 2010

Human rights activist Albie Sachs, a lawyer and judge who paid a great price for defending South Africans charged under racist statutes and repressive security laws, addressed a College of Law audience on Monday, Feb. 15.

Sachs, a retired justice of the South Africa Constitutional Court and member of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, was exiled for years, detained in solitary confinement and was the target of a car bombing, during which he lost his right arm and the sight in one eye.

"Everything was completely dark," Sachs said, recalling the moments after he awoke from the bombing. "If I was alive, I didn't know it. If I was dead, I didn't know it. Suddenly, a voice came through to me."

Sachs, whose most recent book is The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law, also discussed the topic, "Does the law have a sense of humor?"

To watch the video, click here.

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