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Two ASU's Polytechnic campus Programs Receive Aviation Accreditation

September 25, 2000

Two of Arizona State University's Polytechnic campus's programs recently received accreditation from the Council on Aviation Accreditation, the accrediting body for universities and institutions offering aviation related curriculum and flight training programs.

"The accreditation is the university's first for its airway science programs," said Bill McCurry, chair of the Department of Aeronautical Management Technology in the College of Technology and Innovation. "The accreditation means we are meeting and/or exceeding Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards in regards to training and education."

As shortages in the aviation field become more critical this accreditation will be even more valuable for students, according to McCurry.

"Students in these programs will have a much better chance of interning with companies like United and Delta, which usually only take interns from programs that are CAA accredited," said McCurry.

The two programs accredited are Airway Science Management and Airway Science Flight Management.

Institutions being considered for accreditation are required to complete an extensive self study document with specific topics on the academic and flight side, including curriculum,

facilities, qualifications of personnel on the academic and flight side, quality of equipment and operations and graduate success.

ASU's Polytechnic campus is one of 18 U.S. institutions offering CAA accredited programs.

The CAA is made up of approximately 50 members from academia and the air transportation industry. The CAA formed in part to continue the accrediting process, which was originated by the FAA through the University Aviation Association.