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Tsosie to speak at Berkeley on Transformative Justice

September 03, 2008

Professor Rebecca Tsosie, of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, will speak at the Convening on Transformative Justice in Communities of Color at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law on Sept. 11-13. Tsosie is the executive director of the Indian Legal Program.

This international convening brings together two strands of recent conversation among anti-colonial and anti-racist scholars and activists, according to information on the event.

"First, reparations discussions tend to get stalled on the question of returning money and land. How can we begin to shift the conversation toward reparations for cultural imperialism, violence (including police violence and gender violence), and ill health among communities of color?" the information states.

"Second, a conversation is emerging among anti-colonial and anti-racist activists and scholars around the question of transforming our communities. The need is great to move beyond relying on the state for peace and justice; yet law and the state may be necessary partners. Is 'restorative justice' a useful paradigm? Is the word 'healing' appropriate? What some people are calling 'transformative justice' attempts to move law to the sidelines, yet at the same time be realistic about the obstacles that the prison industrial complex presents to transformative efforts."

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