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Training unit prepares ASU students, educators, professionals for an economy without borders

March 23, 2015

Arizona State University is creating a language and cultural unit that will gear up American and international students, educators and professionals to advance in an economy that knows no borders.

Global Launch, with instruction in all languages, builds on the success of ASU’s program in English as a second language. It also will absorb what was previously called the American English and Culture Program and seeks to build participants’ academic and professional skill sets. The immersion program plans to have trained 10,000 participants from the U.S. and abroad by 2020.

Here are the types of ASU projects that are shaped and operated by Global Launch:

• A Global Leadership Program for students and professionals sponsored by the Federal District Government of Brazil.

• An intensive English course sponsored by the Mexican Secretary for External Relations for 650 students and professors held at ASU’s West campus.

• Training for 235 Peruvian high school teachers of English last month.

• Intensive English programs on the Tempe campus for international students. Typically, 45% of those students transfer to ASU as degree-seeking students.

“As ASU’s global reach continues to grow, now is the time to create a new entrepreneurial services platform,” said University Provost Robert E. Page Jr., “It will engage participants from the US and around the world who seek to work, visit or study abroad.”   

Global Launch builds on the mission chartered by ASU President Michael Crow to produce “master learners” – those who leave, not just with a certificate or degree, but with the skills to continue learning throughout life. It also helps fuel ASU’s partnerships and growth internationally.

Global Launch grew out of the university’s pioneering EdPlus program and will carry the same entrepreneurial values of speed and scale as well as a focus on utilizing digital technologies to enhance learning outcomes.

Global Launch currently has 150 full-time employees and will be headed by Julia Rosen, who has overseen and led the unit’s vision and growth for the past two years. Rosen, as managing director of Global Launch, will report to Page. The unit opens with four major divisions: Language Training, Academic Preparation Services, Capacity Building Programs, and Digital Products and Services.

“We are looking forward to working with our ASU colleagues and partners around the world,” Rosen said, “to help people achieve new levels of competency to thrive in the global marketplace.”  

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