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May 12, 2009

•    The security sweep will take place the morning of commencement, Wednesday, May 13, from 6 to 10 a.m.
•    All TV cameras and tripods must be inside the stadium before 6 a.m. We will store equipment in a secure room or you can set it on the riser. All sat trucks and cabling must also be set on the TV pad.
•    All TV cameras that will be used during commencement even if they aren’t set on the camera riser also must be inside the stadium by 6 a.m.
•    As we discussed, you can and are encouraged to set up the day before. David Riffle and Keith Jennings are coordinating. They can be reached at 602-980-8337 and 480-720-6442, respectively. If you cannot set up the day before you must set up by 6 a.m. on commencement day.
•    All personnel, including those on the TV pad, must vacate the stadium at 6 a.m. There is an exception for those filming live morning news spots who may remain inside the stadium until 7 a.m.
•    Morning News programs that asked to go live may film their spots inside the stadium from 5 to 7 a.m. You will not be allowed to film the field opposite the press riser as the security sweep will be taking place. If you do film that area you will be asked to leave immediately. At 7 a.m. all personnel must leave the stadium for the security sweep and cameras must be left inside. We have a room where equipment can be stored in so it is out of the heat.
•    If you are doing your morning or midday shows from another location, please let us know.
•    If you have any interview requests, please let us know and we will try to accommodate them.
•    If you wish to park microwave trucks in the north lot you MUST let Keith of David know so they can schedule space.
•    You will be able to go live for your evening news spots but, with the exception of the cameras and personnel on the platform, you will need to be seated for the commencement exercise from 6 p.m. on unless you are going live. If you are going live at 9 p.m. a Media Relations officer will assist you in setting up. No lights can be shined in the direction of the stage.

Problems: Sharon Keeler, 602-540-8453