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Students pound at ASU’s doors in record numbers

August 28, 2008

Academic caliber of students continues to rise

Arizona State University is succeeding in its mission to increase both student access and student quality, according to enrollment data released by the university today. ASU enrollment is shattering records once again, with a projected freshman class of 9,700 students and overall numbers expected to top 66,000.

The total includes a record group of 5,400 transfer students from other colleges, 4,500 new graduate students and more top scholars than ever before. It represents an increase of 16,000 students in eight years, the equivalent of a midsize university being added to ASU.

ASU admissions staff processed more than 100,000 inquiries this year, and 45,000 new applications, eight percent more than last year.

With a new ranking of fourth best in “Up and Coming Schools” in the 2009 edition of “America’s Best Colleges” by U.S. News & World Report, ASU anticipates an even greater surge in applications next year.

The academic quality of the incoming freshman class also continues to rise. A snapshot of this year’s freshmen:

• 168 are National Merit Scholars, up from 148 last year, making ASU again one of the top schools in the country for this elite cadre of high achieving students.

• Another 110 are National Hispanic and National Achievement Scholars, with National Hispanic Scholars having increased by 165 percent in the past five years.

• Average high school GPA is 3.4, the highest ever.

• Average ACT score rose a full point, to 24.0.

• Average SAT is 1091, up 14 points from last year.

• ASU President and Provost Scholars, Arizona students who perform at the very top of their high school graduating class, increased 13 percent over last year.

• 11 are Flinn Scholars, from a group of 20 top students who are awarded full funding at any Arizona university of their choice.

• More than one-third are students of color, double the number from five years ago.

• Two-thirds now live on campus, reflecting ASU’s emphasis on living and learning communities that help students succeed academically and reach their goals.

“At ASU, quality and size go together,” says Jim Rund, vice president for university student initiatives. “Our growth in top scholars continues to outpace the overall growth rate. The strength of our academic programs enables us to enroll students that reflect the caliber, talent and heritage of our state and nation.”

“A record number of students are taking advantage of the opportunities for a world-class ASU education,” says Martha Byrd, dean of undergraduate admissions. “The growth in the colleges at each of our four ASU locations demonstrates the high level of interest in and demand for an ASU degree.”