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Students invited to retrace 1961 Freedom Riders route

December 10, 2010

In 1961, 436 Americans boarded buses to test and challenge segregated travel facilities in the Deep South.  It was a simple but daring plan, and it changed America forever. The Freedom Riders were black and white, Northern and Southern, secular and religious, old and young.

This May, 40 college students from across the country will have the distinct opportunity to join original Freedom Riders in retracing the Rides, and beginning a conversation about the state of civic engagement today. What does it mean today? What has changed since 1961?

Accepted students will participate at no cost to them. All transportation, hotel and food expenses are covered by American Experience. The Ride is scheduled for May 6-16, 2011 from Washington, D.C., to Jackson, Miss.

Through live blogging, Twitter, and Facebook, the students on the bus will be able to share their experiences, and, in a sense, bring others along on their journey.

Application deadline: Jan. 17, 2011. Apply now at Decisions announced: Feb. 2011.

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