Student uses life skills learned from leading SAA

<p>Originally from Spring, Texas, Kelsey Hazzan majored in kinesiology with a minor in family and human development.</p><separator></separator><p>Hazzan first became involved with the Student Alumni Association (SAA) during her sophomore year and has served as the organization’s president for the past two years. During that time, she has been part of the effort to increase student engagement and as a result has been a driving force behind the partnership with the Student Sun Devil Club, as well as the revitalization of club activities such as protecting the A on Tempe Butte during the UofA week in the fall, the group’s homecoming participation and the annual oozeball tournament. Additionally, she served as the emcee for many of the Game Day pep rallies on the Tempe campus.</p><separator></separator><p>“I wanted to be a part of something at ASU and joining SAA gave me that opportunity,” Hazzan said. “I also found that SAA was a very welcoming organization and all who joined were somewhat of a big family.”</p><separator></separator><p>Serving as the leader of a large organization on campus has given Hazzan experience in participating in large events, learning time management and skills, and spreading school spirit and tradition while making great friends. Her involvement in SAA has given her life skills, and she is thankful for the opportunity.</p><separator></separator><p>“Being a member of the largest organization on campus and serving as the leader has taught me a lot about working with other peers as well as high officials at the university and in the community,” Hazzan said. “I have also been given many opportunities to plan and participate in large events which has taught me time management and teamwork.”</p><separator></separator><p>By far, Oozeball was Hazzan’s favorite event, the biggest mud volleyball tournament at ASU.</p><separator></separator><p>“It’s a hard event to organize, because it has so many components and different people to get together, but in the end it’s mud, sun and sports, what could be better?” said Hazzan.</p><separator></separator><p>After graduating, Hazzan plans to seek a job in health and wellness in Arizona and use her degree to work with children in an exercise environment. She also is planning to return to school to earn her master’s degree and doctorate in Exercise and Wellness.</p><separator></separator><p>One day, she hopes to open her own swim school.</p>