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Stinson published in 'Brooklyn Law Journal'

February 21, 2011

Professor Judy Stinson recently published an article entitled, “Why Dicta Becomes Holding and Why it Matters,” in the Brooklyn Law Review.

The article focuses on the reasons lawyers and judges tend to use statements in judicial opinions as binding precedent even when they are not the core holdings. Stinson argues that this has become problematic as electronic key word searches allow for someone to locate a key word in an opinion without a full understanding of the facts and context relating to that opinion.

To read the article’s abstract, click here.

Stinson’s research and teaching focuses on legal method and writing, legal research and writing, introduction to U.S. law, appellate advocacy and sexual orientation and the law. She has written extensively in the area of legal research and writing and has published the advanced text, The Tao of Legal Writing. She has given numerous presentations in the legal-writing arena, in addition to speaking about the rights of legal-writing faculty to academic freedom and contracts in same-sex relationships.

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