Spread the word about the PeopleSoft upgrade

The entire ASU community will be affected by the Sept. 20-25  planned PeopleSoft outage. While the system is being upgraded, both PeopleSoft and My ASU will be READ-ONLY.

To minimize disruptions to university business, departments should use upcoming staff meetings to determine which of their business processes will be affected by the outage. Then consider the following questions to develop a comprehensive communications plan:

  • How will you minimize disruption to your business processes?
  • Who are your customers that will be affected?
  • How/when will you communicate with your customers?
  • What information will you give them?
  • How will your customers communicate with you during the outage?
  • How will you tell your customers the system is fully functional again?

ASU online, Blackboard, Google docs and apps, Gmail, and Outlook, will function normally and not be affected by the outage.

The upgraded PeopleSoft system will be split into two parts: one for human resources and payroll functions and another for student transactions. This upgrade is the first major one to the PeopleSoft system since it was installed at ASU in 2006.

Get More Information:

  • What’s New Informational Sessions -- Beginning Aug. 28, the University Technology Office will host one-hour sessions on all four campuses to explain the outage, where to find online resources and what the upgraded system will look like. Meeting schedule
  • cfo.asu.edu/peoplesoft -- Offers information about HR department functions, including payroll, benefits, PTR and time reporting plus a “Go Live” planning calendar
  • peoplesoft.asu.edu -- Provides outage information and includes a FAQ page, a link to the communication strategy, a list of applications unaffected by the outage, checklists to help you prepare for the outage and much more

If you have questions about the PeopleSoft outage, use the link in the Quick Links box on the peoplesoft.asu.edu page.

Paul Stoll, paul.stoll@asu.edu
University Technology Office