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Social Work students make big contributions to community

July 08, 2008

The 2007-08 academic year proved to be highly productive for the students and faculty of the College of Human Services’ Social Work Field Education program. Collectively the 43 undergraduate and 93 graduate students, through 69 community and state agencies, contributed more than 68,000 hours – equivalent to eight years - of social work services to children, adults, the elderly, low-income families, the dying and their families, and others.

Saundra Ealy, Social Work Field Director, says the program provides the opportunity for students to “observe other professional social workers as they work with disadvantaged, oppressed or vulnerable populations.” The Field Education internship program also allows students to apply theories, skills, and interventions beyond the classroom. “They learn and experience a discipline that can work with all types of individuals, families, communities, and organizations.”

Not only do these outstanding students learn important practical lessons, but they also actively experience the power of their career choice. “They come to realize that their passion for those whom they serve, and the commitment to the profession, is one of the highest callings on human being can have,” says Ealy.