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Share your Kajikawa, Sackton memories

February 16, 2010

This week the ASU family has lost two legendary figures: William (Bill) "Kaji" Kajikawa and Frank Sackton.

Sackton, a former Army lieutenant general and founding dean of ASU’s College of Public Programs, died Sunday, Feb. 14, at age 97. Sackton was a professor emeritus in ASU’s School of Public Affairs and during his career at ASU, he also served as special assistant to the university president and as athletic director.

Kajikawa was an ASU alumnus and served as a football, basketball and baseball coach at ASU. Kajikawa passed away Monday, Feb. 15, at age 97.

Both men served the university for many decades and were instrumental in its growth from a teacher’s college to one of the world’s leading research institutions. In both cases, they lived lives of service to the university and the community at large.

As the community mourns their passing, it is an appropriate time to reflect on their lives and the strong memories they left behind for many at ASU.  If you have a story or memory about either Kajikawa or Sackton, the staff at ASU News welcomes you to share it here by simply filling out the form below (and then hit submit.)

All comments will be reviewed before they are posted, and we only ask that you use appropriate language and be respectful of others, including the Kajikawa and Sackton families.