Search is on for new dean of ASU’s College of Technology and Innovation

<p dir="ltr"><font color="#000000">Arizona State University Provost Elizabeth D. Capaldi announced organizational changes for the West and Polytechnic campuses recently as part of the next steps in ASU’s decentralization of academic functions. </font></p><separator></separator><p dir="ltr"><font color="#000000">The organizational changes include the elimination of the executive vice provost positions at both campuses. Each of the campuses will have a core college headed by a dean who also serves as a university vice president, representing the campus as needed in the community. </font></p><separator></separator><p dir="ltr"><font color="#000000">For the West campus, Barry Ritchie was named interim vice president and dean of the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. Marjorie Zatz, who was the interim vice president and executive vice provost, was named the director of the School of Justice &amp; Social Inquiry.</font></p><separator></separator><p dir="ltr"><font color="#000000">At the Polytechnic campus, a search for the vice president and dean of the College of Technology and Innovation is under way. Albert McHenry has agreed to delay his retirement until a candidate for this position is found.</font></p><separator></separator><p dir="ltr"><font color="#000000">“This organizational change knits the leadership of the core college with representing the campus, and continues our strategy of a school centric approach,” Capaldi said. “The new vice president and dean will be key in development of the Polytechnic campus.”</font></p><separator></separator><p dir="ltr"><font color="#000000">The firm R. William Funk and Associates of Dallas has been retained to facilitate the search for the new vice president and dean.  The search committee, chaired by David Young, senior</font> <font color="#000000">vice president for academic affairs, met with Provost Capaldi to discuss plans to move forward with the search. </font></p><separator></separator><p dir="ltr"><font color="#000000">“We are very excited to initiate a national/international search for the new</font> <font color="#000000">vice</font> <font color="#000000">president and</font> <font color="#000000">dean, and we are confident that a strong candidate will emerge through the search process,” said Young. </font></p><separator></separator><p dir="ltr"><font color="#000000">The initial deadline for applications is Aug. 31, 2007, but resumes received after the initial deadline will be given consideration if the first pool of candidates does not provide the committee with the desired outcome. </font></p><separator></separator><p dir="ltr"><font color="#000000">The committee, made up of ASU administrators, faculty, staff and a student, as well as community leaders, will review the candidates and invite the top three to four for campus interviews.  The university is expected to extend an offer by the end of the fall 2007 semester, with a start date prior to the fall 2008 semester.  </font></p><separator></separator><p dir="ltr"><b><font color="#000000">Committee Members</font></b></p><separator></separator><ul><li><font dir="ltr" color="#000000">Brydon Pavlovic</font></li><li><font dir="ltr" color="#000000">Carol Johnston</font></li><li><font dir="ltr" color="#000000">Chango Nam</font></li><li><font dir="ltr" color="#000000">Chell Roberts</font></li><li><font dir="ltr" color="#000000">David Young</font></li><li><font dir="ltr" color="#000000">Glenn Irvin</font></li><li><font dir="ltr" color="#000000">Harry Dawson</font></li><li><font dir="ltr" color="#000000">John Robertson</font></li><li><font dir="ltr" color="#000000">Joni Adamson</font></li><li><font dir="ltr" color="#000000">Melanie Burford</font></li><li><font dir="ltr" color="#000000">Paul Johnson</font></li><li><font dir="ltr" color="#000000">Roc Arnett</font></li><li><font dir="ltr" color="#000000">Sethuraman Panchanathan</font></li><li><font dir="ltr" color="#000000">Thomas Schildgen</font></li><li><font dir="ltr" color="#000000">Valana Wells</font></li><li><font dir="ltr" color="#000000">William McCurry</font></li><li><span dir="ltr" lang="en-us"><font color="#000000">William Nganje</font></span></li></ul></p>