School plans smart growth for another 50 years

September 29, 2008

During the past 50 years, Arizona has observed extensive urbanization. Similarly, the field of urban planning also has evolved and changed, not only as a discipline but also as an academic enterprise at ASU.

Planning has been an area of study at ASU since the early 1960s. Today, urban planning is centered in the College of Design’s School of Planning. Its relationship to design reflects foundational interests in the physical planning of cities and human environments. The interests and missions of both the profession and the school have expanded and now include environmental, social, policy and transportation planning and urban design, along with community and economic development. Download Full Image

The school plays a significant role in complementing the college’s interdisciplinary approach to the planning and design of functional, aesthetic, healthy, sustainable environments and communities in Arizona and around the world. As the planning profession responded to such issues as the National Environmental Policy Act, smart growth, intermodal transportation and connectivity and sustainability, the school incorporated these and related issues into its mission.

Planning at ASU now reflects New American University concepts of collaboration and transdisciplinary ventures. Although the School of Planning remains the center of the teaching of professional urban planning, a number of departments, schools and research centers with ASU faculty are engaged with planning research and service activities.

The American Planning Association has included the school as one of 20 charter schools in its partnership with universities given the school’s emphasis on professional issues. The school is home to accredited undergraduate and graduate professional planning programs and is the largest producer of professional planning graduates in the state. A hallmark of these graduates is that many of them have made significant contributions to the leadership of urban, environmental and community planning activities in Arizona agencies, firms and organizations.  

School of Planning alumni and faculty members, well-connected to agencies and communities, have contributed to key task forces, work groups, regional and community master plans, waste reduction and recycling, corridor plans, edge studies, resource preserves and watershed plans.

The school is continuing to expand its efforts to collaborate with other schools and departments as it helps to provide leadership and vision that engages and serves Arizona communities and metropolitan areas. The school also continues to pursue long-standing challenges such as limited resources, population growth and urban revitalization while expanding into new challenges of sustainability, urban design, borderlands planning, modeling and visualization of urbanization, and facilitating partnerships in tribal planning.

The school looks forward to another 50 years of engagement with the communities of Arizona.

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ASU School of Planning

Lisa Robbins

Assistant Director, Media Relations and Strategic Communications


ASU leaves lasting impact on community

September 29, 2008

Over the years, Arizona State University has had a dramatic impact on the state.

Entering into its 50th year as a major public university, ASU has served the needs of Arizona and its residents in terms of education, health care, sustainability, urban policy and the economy. Inherently linked to its surrounding communities, ASU has proved to be a pivotal agent in advancing the state’s overall competitiveness. Download Full Image

The university’s critical connection to Arizona can be seen in its urban policy institute that provides residents a platform to address statewide challenges; its health care initiatives that have enormous community outreach; its educational programs that benefit preK-12 students throughout the Valley and the state; its sustainability efforts; and the region’s long-lasting economic growth that has been a result of ASU’s innovative research and commitment to advancing entrepreneurship.

The following stories outline the different ways in which ASU has made an impact on Arizona over the last 50 years. 

Morrison Institute builds bridge between ASU, communities

For more than 20 years, the Morrison Institute has researched public policies that impact greater Phoenix, the state and the nation, providing a bridge between the university and its communities.

The university's environmental research and public outreach efforts have led to a host of benefits for Arizona through the years.

College promotes, provides quality health care in AZ

For 51 years, the ASU College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovation has been the major source of baccalaureate-prepared nurses in the state of Arizona.

University serves students of all ages

ASU’s education research and practice-oriented programs are provided through colleges across three of the university’s four campuses.

ASU’s growth drives local, state economy

ASU is a key driver of the local and state economy, accounting for a total of a $3.2 billion dollars annually in economic impact.

The field of urban planning also evolved and changed, not only as a discipline but as an academic enterprise at ASU.

Lisa Robbins

Assistant Director, Media Relations and Strategic Communications