School extends application deadlines for study abroad programs

The School of International Letters and Cultures' study abroad programs are among the longest-running and most prestigious at Arizona State University. Founded in 1981, and directed by knowledeable world-class faculty, the programs offer students the opportunity to experience and study international humanities and learn languages first-hand while earning credit toward thier degrees. 

The school's study abroad programs are open to students of any major, and to non-degree seeking members of the community. 

Due to the popularity of the programs, the school has extended application deadlines for some programs by up to two weeks to allow students to complete their applications and apply for scholarships and financial aid. 

Japanese Language and Religion in Hiroshima – Deadline March 22

For the 10th consecutive year, the School of International Letters and Cultures offers "Japanese Language in Hiroshima," a faculty-directed summer abroad program in Hiroshima, Japan.

German Language and Culture in Regensburg – Deadline March 22

The School of International Letters and Cultures offers "German Language and Culture in Regensburg," a faculty-directed summer study abroad program in one of Tempe's sister cities.

Spanish Language, Literature and Culture in Seville, Spain – Deadline March 29

With a goal of total immersion, the five-week "Spanish Language, Literature and Culture in Seville, Spain" study abroad program gives students the opportunity to live in and explore one of the most monumental and fascinating cities in Spain.

Romania and Central Europe – Deadline April 12

The Romanian studies program in ASU's School of International Letters and Cultures offers an opportunity for interested students to study abroad in Eastern and Central Europe.

Culture and Text in Contemporary León and Barcelona, Spain  – Deadline April 5

The "Culture and Text in Contemporary León, Spain" summer program gives students an insider perspective on Spanish society and a full sense of Spanish life and culture.

Urban Imagination in 19th Century Paris – Deadline March 29

The goal of "The Urban Imagination in 19th-Century Paris" program is to give students an in-depth encounter with the history of Paris in the nineteenth century.

Spanish Language and Mayan Culture in Merida, Mexico – Deadline March 22

Students have the opportunity to learn more about Mayan culture and Spanish language firsthand this summer during the "Spanish Language and Mayan Culture in Yucatán" study abroad program.

Florence, Italy Summer Program – Deadline March 29

Students in the Florence summer program study language, art and humanities in one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world.

Italian Language and Culture in Castelraimondo, Italy – Deadline March 29

The "Italian Language and Culture in Castelraimondo" summer program takes place in the east-central region of Le March, Italy giving students a unique opportunity to study Italian language and culture in an authentic environment free of an overflow of tourists.

Arabic/Islamic Culture and Literature in Kuwait – Deadline March 29

The "Arabic/Islamic Culture and Literature in Kuwait" study abroad program gives students first hand lessons in the language and culture of the Middle East.

French Language and Québécois Culture in Québec, Canada – Deadline March 15

The "French Language and Québécois Culture in Québec, Canada" program is the longest-running French immersion program at ASU.

French Language and Culture in Lyon – Deadline April 12

The intensive French language and culture summer program in Lyon is designed to provide students with a true immersion experience.