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Saks discusses NAS report at seminar

February 26, 2010

Regents' Professor Michael Saks participated in a panel at the 2010 Capital Case Defense Seminar, sponsored by the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice and California Public Defenders Association, Feb. 12-15, in Monterrey, Calif.

Saks spoke during workshops on "Using the National Academy of Science Report in Litigation-Trial Level Focus" and "Using the NAS Report on Forensic Science in Post-Conviction."

Last spring, Saks co-chaired a national convention at the College of Law on the just-released NAS report that was critical of the forensic science industry and made major recommendations for overhauling its funding, staffing, research, training, accuracy and consistency.

Saks' research focuses on empirical studies of the legal system, especially decision-making, the behavior of the litigation system, and the law's use of science. He is the fourth most-cited law-and-social-science scholar in the U.S., and has authored approximately 200 articles and books. Courses he has taught include criminal law, evidence, law and science, property and torts.

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